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Startup Founder Coaching

For The Exceptional


You, the ambitious founder, get tons of advice from everyone you talk to about your startup, some of them contradictory.

There are mentors, advisors, business lawyers, accountants, friends, family, & colleagues who all mean well and want to help. But do they really know? How does one tell good advice from bad or not applicable?

The problem is you can't until you try all the advice you receive and see which works best. 

But no one has that kind of time or resources.

So I recommend you listen to the person who is most likely to have experienced what you're experiencing. And if you can find someone who has experienced founding a startup more than once? Even better. Because, chances are, this person has now seen patterns and is less likely to have gotten lucky. Their words are rooted in practical theory - the best kind of theory.

Oh, and if this person also happens to have studied the science behind developing new products (because they're a total nerd about this stuff) and created their own best-in-class methods and helped individual inventors to multibillion-dollar companies develop successful products? It's probably safe to say that this person is more than likely to be of use to you, the ambitious founder.

I believe the closest thing we have to a shortcut is learning from others.


I have leveraged the heck out of this insight and am now looking to use what I've learned to help other entrepreneurs.

But entrepreneurship is possibly the hardest undertaking and it requires a real commitment.

Because of my experiences of developing products at my own startups and at/for companies, and my detailed experiments with the best methods out there to develop ideas into successful products, I know what great looks like.

I help make things simpler for you, though not always easier. 

I show you, the ambitious founder, how to perform at your highest level to get the kinds of results that you thought were months or even years away, faster than you thought possible. 

I know what it's like when you still have a 9-5 job and are not ready to quit. Or if you're working on an idea in a space you have no background in. Or when you want to make progress but you're not sure what progress looks like.


How do I validate my idea? How do you get useful feedback from customers? Where do you even find them? What should I charge for my product? Where do I sell? 

These questions can be overwhelming, for sure, but are often just the surface level questions for a startup to become a viable business. 


I've overcome these and more and helped more than a dozen clients do the same.

If you trust me and my process, you'll see for yourself what you can do.

What You Can Expect:

Each client gets about 15 hrs of time each month; incl. virtual/in-person meetings and follow-ups:

  • 1:1 access for duration of our engagement.

  • 1 hr/wk meeting, minimum.

  • Customized programming, depending on your goals, needs, and wants.

  • Rigorous accountability.

If you think you're ready to accelerate your role as a founder and your startup - apply below.

Light Bulb



A free tool that helps you break up your idea into its components to form a business - fast!


Also includes details on how to use the tool and guides you in your vetting journey with helpful directions.

Excel for Windows and Numbers for Mac included. Screenshot shown below.

Screen Shot.png
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