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Leading Growth via

Product Innovation

Using my Frame & Box™ method, there are four ways I can help your company: 

  1. Optimize your new product development process.

  2. Design and establish the most effective innovation practices and/or team for your company.

  3. Facilitate workshops using best-in-class methods for your teams, depending on your needs.

  4. Train your staff to run your own workshops and implement all of the tools I use.

1. I can help you develop the best new product pipeline for your company. 

  • Are you a growing company looking to grow your top line with new products?

  • Do you want to launch your next product but aren't sure where to start or which product idea(s) to choose and execute?

  • Do you want to launch validated ideas faster?

I will help you develop a new product strategy to translate your business goals into an actionable product roadmap. I'll help you install systems that will align your product efforts with your business goals using proven processes that minimize time and optimize your existing resources.

You can stop feeling like you need to launch a product in order to know whether your product will be successful or not.

This is ideal for companies with at least one successful product out in the market.

2. If you're looking to go beyond just new products and want to differentiate yourself in the marketplace with undeniable innovation, I can help you systemize the optimal innovation methods for your company.

  • Do you need a funnel for the best ideas in your organization focused on the best problems that also need to be identified?

  • Do you want this effort to work seamlessly with your New Product efforts and stay aligned to your business's long-term goals and minimizes waste?

I started an Innovation Center at a multi-billion multinational where I tested many unique and sophisticated practices on harnessing innovation such as Design Sprint, JTBD, ODI, Design Thinking, and CPSP. 


I will help you design an innovation strategy with your leadership staff to enable your company to develop new market-dominating ideas rapidly, reliably, and predictably that are tailored to your culture and processes and highlight the strengths of your company. 

This is ideal for mid-sized to large companies that are looking to innovate out of a plateau.

3. I can facilitate workshops that accelerate finding the correct answers to hard questions. 


I'll use my Frame & Box™ method and spend a few days and work with a select, small group at your company to design your goal and help you structure the path to that goal. The workshops can be applied to:

  • Designing an innovation strategy that translates your business goals into innovation,

  • Creating an innovation and/or a new product roadmap,

  • Discovering and capturing new business opportunities,

  • Solving hard engineering problems,

  • Improving relationships between teams, 

  • Aligning hard-to-manage teams to common goals.


4. I can also teach members of your company how to use my Frame & Box™ method to run the most effective workshops so you can continue running them, internally, as you need them.

Please send me an email with some information on what you're looking for and I will set up a discovery call to go over your needs and if/how I can best help.

Or, go right ahead and book a free, no sales, 30-minute call to talk about what you're trying to achieve at your compay and if/how I could help you.

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