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Experienced Innovator, Facilitator, Coach

​TL;DR: I vet and develop ideas for a living and help others do the same.

  • Graduated from NYU with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. 

  • I founded the Innovation Accelerator in a multibillion multinational and developed innovation practices that are best-in-class over 7+ years.

  • I work with founders and startups and help them go from 0 to1, with my consulting business. I help them shape their ideas and guide them towards Product-Market Fit.

  • I founded and ran two independent tech startups.

  • I lead product development for a startup in a corporate setting, own several patents, and have launched dozens of products into the market.

  • I vet startups and companies for acquisitions and partnerships.


I grew up in NYC and have been living in Wisconsin since 2013 with my lovely wife, Rachel.  

I started WorkFrame Consulting to help companies, startups and founders solve problems fast with minimal resources using battle-tested methods that yield great results. 


Why Partner With Me

My step-by-step structured and collaborative sessions help teams make high-quality progress at blazing speed.

My goal with my work is two-fold:​

  • Eliminate guesswork and

  • Drive efficiency.

As founder of the Innovation Accelerator (an internal consultancy at a multibillion-dollar company) and of Workframe Consulting, I show teams and companies how to use the most appropriate innovation techniques to shorten project timelines, save money, launch successful products, and feel confident of being on the correct path from the beginning.


I use my experience of leading product development for a small but growing business and founding two startups in helping establish the most effective product development process for growing companies. 

I have learned the psychology that goes behind generating ideas, selecting ideas, and driving teams to execute with urgency and accuracy.

After trying several different techniques and methods, and having made a lot of mistakes, I have created a framework of frameworks that just works. I have combined the best elements of the following methods that I know to yield high-quality solutions to any problem while optimizing the use of time and resources: 

  • Design Sprint (Google),

  • Jobs To Be Done Theory (Clayton Christensen/Anthony Ulwick)

  • Design Thinking (IDEO)

  • Scientific Method

My proven strategies have helped my corporate clients:

  • Save time and money with faster launches,

  • Discover, capture new business opportunities,

  • Solve hard engineering problems,

  • Improve relationships between teams, 

  • Align hard-to-manage teams to common goals, & 

  • Optimize reliable and repeatable processes to capture great ideas and collaborate.

And my startup clients save time and money because I show them exactly how to:

  • Identify their passions and desires and align them to their goals in the startup world.

  • Vet their startup ideas for market potential and discover unmet needs.

  • Identify and prioritize the steps to be taken in the march towards Product-Market Fit.

  • Mitigate risk in their startup journey. 

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