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I help companies and startups create better products faster.


“Shashank has a true passion for driving innovation in a variety of environments, from small startup organizations to multi-billion dollar established companies. 

His process brings an energy that is focused on stretching a team to elevate the best ideas and getting to the results an organization is ultimately looking for. This works to drive not only the process, but also a culture of innovation within an organization."


Jeff Weiss

VP Innovation and Product Development, Bemis Manufacturing Company

"Shashank is really incredible. It’s rare to find someone who has taken the very best of theory and applied it successfully in actual practice.  Shashank has done just that. From Strategy, Design Thinking, Jobs to be Done, Design Sprints, Lean Startup and so much more - Shashank has combined these into repeatable processes. Applied in startups, new product launches, coaching teams, and building corporate innovation capacity across multiple product lines…Shashank brings an incredible mind and a wealth of experience to everything he does. Highly recommend."

Ryan Hatch

Head of Product Strategy & Innovation, Headway

"He was able to assist in helping us identify some of our unknown unknowns - a big deal for startups - and provide some high-level analysis regarding our opportunities in presenting the product value proposition and its market advantages. This alone probably saved us months - at least. The response to the product and presentation shifted for the better from that point, and Shashank is largely - if not entirely - to thank for it."

Houston and Stephanie Hoskins

Founders, Debtle (Fintech SaaS)

Hi, I'm Shashank, an innovation expert.

As founder of the Innovation Accelerator (an internal consultancy at a multibillion-dollar company) and of Workframe Consulting, I show teams at companies how to use the most appropriate innovation techniques to shorten project timelines, save money, launch successful products, and feel confident of being on the correct path from the beginning.

My proven strategies have helped my clients:

  • Save time and money with faster launches,

  • Discover, capture new business opportunities,

  • Solve hard engineering problems,

  • Improve relationships among & between teams, 

  • Align hard-to-manage teams to common goals, & 

  • Develop systems to capture great ideas.

And a startup founder.

I founded two startups (both in the tech space, one bootstrapped and one funded) that taught me incredibly useful lessons.

Additionally, I help vet startups/companies for acquisitions which gives me insight into how startups are looked at by corporations. 

My startup clients save time and money because I show them exactly how to:

  • Vet their startup ideas for market potential and discovering unmet needs.

  • Develop prototypes for actionable feedback.

  • Optimize the startup journey for Product-Market Fit - the goal of all startups. 

  • Pitch to an investor vs a customer to get what you want from both.

  • Plan for and measure results.

What Can I Do For You?

Innovate Your Business

  • Are you looking to grow your portfolio of products?

  • Do you want to launch something new but aren't sure where to start or what product(s) to focus on?

  • Do you have limited time and resources?

I will help you develop an innovation strategy and put systems in place that will become your new product pipeline for your business goals using proven processes that minimize time and optimize your resources.

I'll teach you rigorous and efficient processes that will ensure you choose to only work on products that will make you money.

Startup Consulting

  • Are you an inventor with a product idea?

  • Are you an early-stage startup struggling to gain traction?

  • Are you an entrepreneur looking to work on your next project? 

I'll help you identify your specific market and business opportunities.

I'll help you determine where you are in the journey to Product-Market Fit and the steps needed to get there.

I'll teach you how to get feedback from customers on your idea/prototype so you can make money the day you launch. 

I will also show you how to pitch to investors for successful funding. 

Start an Innovation Center

  • Do you want a dedicated team to churn out valuable products that customers want?

  • Do you want this team to work like a well-oiled machine that is aligned to the business' long-term goals?

  • Do you want to minimize waste?

I started an Innovation Center at a multi-billion multinational where I tested many unique and sophisticated practices on harnessing innovation such as Design Sprint, JTBD, ODI, Design Thinking, and CPSP. 

I developed my own bullet-proof framework to help teams invent new categories and 10X improve existing products with 3-7X less time and money than standard processes.

Facilitated Problem-Solving

  • Are you struggling to solve a hard problem?

  • Do you feel like you're spinning wheels and going nowhere?

Let me spend a few days (typically 3-5 half days) and work with a select, small group in your business to help you structure and solve whatever problem you have.

I use my own problem-solving framework that has:

  • Discovered and captured new business opportunities,

  • Solved hard engineering problems,

  • Improved relationships among & between teams, 

  • Aligned hard-to-manage teams to common goals.

Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level

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