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Facilitated Ideas

Brainstorming does not work! 


People have known this since the 1950s and yet we continue to choose unproductive methods to generate ideas.

I have researched and tested more than a dozen of the latest methods and I have put together the most effective and reliable ways of generating solid ideas. 

I will interview people at your company and spend a day with a small, hand-picked team.


Discover your true root problem(s) and generate actionable ideas

Vet Ideas - 1:1

*This service is free if you have been negatively impacted by COVID-19*

Do you have a product idea that could change the world? But you aren't sure...

  • Should you start a company around this idea? 

  • What questions should you answer before you invest anything?

  • Are you dreaming too big?

  • Or not big enough??

I will spend up to an hour with you to discuss your idea and help you decide whether you are on the right path.

Save time and money to structure your thoughts and plan your moves.

Start an Innovation Center

Do you want to develop a team in your company that will focus on new products and/or cutting-edge technologies for your industry?  


Do you want your company to be more productive and innovative?

While establishing the Innovation Accelerator at Kohler Co., I conducted significant research on how other well-known companies address innovation. I made mentors at these companies (frog, Nike, Google, SmartDesign) where such movements have come to exist in the past 15 years and have learned from their unique and sophisticated views. 

Use my experiences and knowledge to accelerate the establishment or development of a concerted focus on innovation.

Facilitated Problem-Solving

Is your company stuck on a project? Or not sure how best to start a new project? 

Is there discontent or misalignment within a team?

Disharmony between teams?

The people in your company have all the knowledge required to solve every question listed here.

My job is to help structure that knowledge to enable and enact execution.

I will spend time interviewing people at the company and then work with a select, small group over 3-5 days to help you solve whatever problem you have. 

Get multiple high-quality and workable solutions in just 5 days!

Why Me


My step-by-step structured and collaborative sessions help teams make high-quality progress at blazing speed.

You will never have to worry again whether you and your team are headed down the right direction. I will help you eliminate any guesswork from your decision-making.

I have learned the psychology that goes behind generating ideas, selecting ideas, and working in groups. And having spent 5 years experimenting with the latest methodologies in solving problems has allowed me to develop my own method that just works.

I'm glad to admit that I have made lots of mistakes because I learned from all of them and have become a better innovator, leader, and facilitator because of them. 

After trying several different techniques and methods, I have created a framework of frameworks. I have combined the best elements of the following methods that I know to yield high-quality solutions to any problem while optimizing the use of time and resources: 

  • Design Sprint (Google),

  • Jobs To Be Done Theory (Clayton Christensen/Anthony Ulwick)

  • Design Thinking (IDEO)


I use my bulletproof framework to:

  • solve hard engineering problems,

  • discover new business opportunities,

  • improve existing products,

  • improve relationships among and between teams, and

  • align hard-to-manage teams to common goals. 


I have learned from many individuals and consultancies as a result of my work and the following are some of the negatives I have noticed that I want to improve upon with my services:

  • Many consultancies spend a lot of time developing fancy (and, in my opinion, useless) "tools" like branded USB flash drives, branded padfolios, branded notebooks, branded Post-Its and markers and charge YOU for them!

  • Many consultancies spend money on trademarking words and phrases so they can pretend they are teaching you new things and can charge you exorbitant sums.

  • Very few try to understand your problem(s) and even fewer try to help you and your team understand and align on the problem(s). 

  • The teams' involvement stops at sharing their opinions with the consultants. The solutions proposed by the consultants are hard to accept for the rank and file, especially, if the proposal included suggestions from within the company.  

I don't provide any of these branded materials.

I don't intend to trademark phrases or terms.

I will involve the team in coming up with the solutions so there is full ownership and drive to action within the team after the session is over.

I am not going to tell you that I am going to do things that you have never heard of before because, frankly, that would be a lie. 

In fact, I'll share a secret with you that others may or may not tell you.



All the different branded methodologies like Agile, CPSP, Design Thinking, ADKAR, etc. are structurally very similar. You always start by gathering data, then you determine what you have vs what you need, you choose the best way to get what you need, and finally, build/launch/test.


We have instinctive versions of doing this ourselves but most of us haven't learned how to apply a rigorous structure to make it a formula that always has a good answer. 

We, as a species, have evolved to be creative and solve problems all the time. Yes, each and every one of us is equipped to do this. However, our modern lifestyles and social constructs make it hard for us to exercise these basic skillsets.


We all have these abilities innately.



But, just like our muscles become weaker with disuse and we get out of shape when we don't exercise, so do our abilities to be creative and solve hard problems when we don't practice those skills. 

My value-add is two-fold:

  1. I have figured out how to structure innovation that leads to real, actionable results with the least amount of resources.  

  2. I am a neutral and effective facilitator that can navigate politics within/between teams with the sole goal of solving the problem.

Contact me to find out how I can help.


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